Burns and Allen: America's Favorite Comedy Duo- by Frank Cullen

George Burns (1896­­–1996) & Gracie Allen (c.1896­–1964)

Flirtation acts were big in 1920s vaudeville, and some remained big into decades of  television sitcoms. Burns & Allen became the best known of them because of their years of popularity in network radio, in movies and on television. Among their better contemporaries—and good friends—were Jesse Block (1900–1983) & Eva Sully (1902–1990).

George Burns and Gracie Allen: Vaudeville's Greatest Comic Duo by David Soren

George Burns (born New York January 20, 1896-died Beverly Hills, March 9, 1996) and Gracie Allen (July 26, 1906 - August 27, 1964) were the most popular comic duo of the 20th century in vaudeville and in the movies as well as on radio and television. Before they found each other neither had had tremendous success and for eight years after they got together they were only passably popular.