Ed Wynn: The Perfect Fool by Robin Williams

       Ed Wynn had many names over the course of his life.  From his childhood nickname ‘Izzy’ to his lasting title the ‘Perfect Fool’, Ed Wynn lived 79 years through good times and hard times.  Ed Wynn was born Isaiah Edwin Leopold on November 9th, 1886 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA.   On June 19th, 1966 he died, of esophageal cancer, in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California.  Ed Wynn had three wives: Hilda Keenan, Frieda Mierse, and Dorothy Elizabeth Nesbitt.  He had only one child, a son Keenan Wynn, with

Bert Williams: Vaudeville's Biggest Black Superstar by David Soren

Bert Williams (New Providence, Nassau, British West Indies, November 12, 1874 - New York, March 4, 1922) was arguably the most important black star of early vaudeville and was the first to cross the color line and the first to work openly with white performers in a major Broadway venue. He was a Mason and was the first black man buried with Masonic honors. And yet he fell victim to the blatant discrimination that prevailed during his lifetime so that he was not even permitted to watch his own show sitting in the preferred seats in the audience.